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Obsolete: After the Accident is a fan-made game, which is free for download for Android devices using the APK files. This game is made inspired by the famous horror FNAF game series.

Obsolete:After the Accident

Obsolete: After the Accident takes place in an abandoned structure, where your character will wake up after a serious trauma. You will be playing as a young girl, who survives an accident.

You seem to have no memory of those events and have to clue how to get out of the building. Later in the game, you will discover that there is someone who is following you and try to get you.

Later on, you discover that the individual that is chasing you is not a human. And you are at risk of being killed by animatronic characters. There are 3 animatronic robots that are added to the game, they are mousey, psycho bird and infector anty. They seem to be rusty and abandoned for a very long time.

Each animatronic robot has its own characteristics and properties. Use the clues that you are given in the game for surviving and win the game. Obsolete: After the Accident is free for download to Android devices using the APK file.


by: CIPKAP_Games @CIPKAP_Games

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