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Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights is a fun game that Scott Cawthon has inspired. FNaF fan game is a page where we put all the fan-made games. Visit it!


Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights will not be the game you know from SC. This game will be different and unique. A fan-made this game in brazil. We add this game to the main page so everyone can visit and try this game.

Freddy's Rewritten: Haunted Nights Free Download
Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights

The main story:

The Freddy restaurant wants to replace all the employees they have with machines. During this project, they need a man who can work only night shifts. They promise to give a lot of money to you when the job is done. But when you come to this place, you know that you made a big wrong decision.

FNaF game will give you all the info you need to start your gameplay. But the secret about the death of other people in this place will be kept undercover. To explore them all, you must go deeper into this place.

Download Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights free and get what game you need from us. We have horror, action, adventure, mini-games and also some stories to read. They are all free and give you a rare experience.


by: Fox Golden Heart @FoxGoldenHeart

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