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Eddie and the Misfits APK for Android is a fan-made horror game, which is available for free download for Android using the APK file. It is created inspired by the famous horror FNAF game series.

Eddie and the Misfits Android

Eddie and the Misfits takes place in an abandoned theater, where you are trapped and have to find the way out with the memories that you had in your childhood. However, it seems that you are not alone in the theater, and there is someone who is following you.

The individual who is following you has heavy steps and glowing eyes and does not seem to be a human. You will have to do your best not to be captured by it, without having any tool or time with you, the only choice that you have is to run away.

This game comes with a point and clicks mechanism, which is quite different from the original series of FNAF. The animatronic characters are also very different, which include Eddie the bear, Topsy the clown, mousetrap the mouse and others. Each of them has its own property.

Eddie and the Misfits require you to have a great analyzing skill, using the clues given to deal with the animatronic characters. It can be downloaded for free to your android devices using APK files.


by: Sᴏr @sor429

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