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A Shadow Over Freddy’s is a horror fan-made game, which is free for download for Android devices using the APK files. It is the fan game made inspired by the famous FNAF horror game series.

A Shadow Over Freddy’s Android

A Shadow Over Freddy’s is a point and click horror game that features free-roam gameplay, which is an upgraded feature comparing to the main series of the FNAF games. You will be able to move freely in the map of the game to perform different actions.

This game takes place in the same Pizzeria restaurant as the main series of the game. You will be able to relive the memories of the first games of the series. Like most other fan-made games of the series, there will be more stories added for explaining the secrets behind the entire series and the reason for the malfunction of the animatronic robots.

You will have no doors, cameras, or time, and it will happen for only one night, all you will do for surviving is to carefully listen to the sounds making by the animatronics characters and try your best to avoid being approached by them.

The animatronics in A Shadow Over Freddy’s is the same as the other FNAF games.


by: Phisnom @Phisnom

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