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Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath Free Download is a great horror game from the FNAF Fan Games. Afton Robotics was a robotics center, but the center was closed after many years. All associated repositories are canceled.

Five Nights at Dolma's: Aftermath Free Download
Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath

An expedition conducted by Robo-Smith, and the purpose is to collect valuable old equipment. The trip not only found fascinating devices but also found some mysterious animatronic prototypes.

The creepy animatronics will become items at a public auction, but they must pass a technical test from a local engineer. Every issue of horror originates as the starting point of Five Nights at Freddy’s!

You are still on duty during the night shift. The game features five terrifying nights, and you realize you’re not alone. The game provides many items such as a computer monitor, CCTV, electrical system.

It would be best if you had the right tactics to survive five difficult nights. Of course, you will fail if you meet the jumpscare from the animatronics.

Download “Five Nights at Dolma’s: Aftermath” to experience five nights of horror as a local engineer!


by: Sagri98 @Sagri

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